Mojo Mancini is the "love child" of celebrated NYC musicians Shawn Pelton (Long time SNL drummer), John Leventhal (Grammy award winning producer/guitar player), Rick DePofi (Paul McCartney, NYNoise), Brian Mitchell (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm), and Conrad Korsch (Rod Stewart). Born of a desire to play music with no other agenda than being musically in the moment, their music draws from every conceivable musical genre but belongs to none.

Mojo Mancini is:
Rick DePofi ~ John Leventhal ~ Shawn Pelton ~ Brian Mitchell ~ Conrad Korsch



"Like Sasquatch, the five crack musicians who call themselves Mojo Mancini have seldom been captured on film .... and regard Mojo as a haven from notso-shabby day jobs that include first-rank session work, long-term gigs with Saturday Night Live, and winning the odd Grammy" (George Kalogerakis / New York Magazine)

"Like a twisted hybrid of the Crusaders or early 70s Herbie Hancock and Tuatara..." (Alan Young / Lucid Culture -Live Review)